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Elope in Wine Country
Conveniently located in the heart of wine country, in both Sonoma and Napa Valley, Elope in Wine Country offers couples the perfect, all-inclusive, affordable alternative to having a huge, expensive wedding. We provide unique romantic settings, professional photography, and a personalized intimate ceremony that you will remember for a lifetime. Our elopement package includes everything. Only 50 minutes from San Francisco, yet you feel a million miles away.
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Simply Fantastic. We wanted something quiet, beautiful & romantic; we received everything we wished for at this venue. Fantastic folks running this operation. They are the nicest people you could ever hope for. They had the garden/property plush and perfect for our arrival. The cottage that was recommended is perfect and comfy. The photos turned out great! We hired their son, who plays jazz clubs, to play jazz piano for the ceremony and he really did a stellar job. I really don't know what else to say; we would not have changed a thing about our wedding. Elope in Wine Country was perfect. Thank you so much!

~ Aaron & Caitlin

Testimonials - Emma and Nick

After attempting to plan a wedding in our hometown and the guest list rising above 300, my husband and I felt our wedding starting to get away from us. We searched for a destination venue where we could escape the overwhelming details and cater our special day to ourselves (and some close friends and family.) We had never been to Napa, let alone California as a couple. We took a chance and contacted Elope In Wine Country and as soon as Dona got back to us - we knew it was a right fit. From the instant we talked to Dona and Jackie we felt comfortable and confident about our decision to have a destination wedding! Jackie, Dona and John were so helpful throughout the process and delivered the most beautiful and personalized ceremony we could’ve asked for! Highly recommend Dona and the gang and we cannot wait to return to Napa in the future!

~ Emma & Nick


My husband and I knew we wanted a special place in California for our wedding and were hoping to find just the right spot in the wine country. Finding the right place where we would feel comfortable and accepted as we took a major step in our relationship. We found it here! Making plans to travel cross country from Georgia to take our vows was both exhilarating and a little scary. We were able to make all the arrangements long distance, get all of our questions answered as well as some helpful advice. We couldn't have asked for a better day or more wonderful hosts for our event. I recommend it highly!!!!

~ Rick & Kendall


My husband and I eloped the beginning of April, and we were so happy with our wedding day! Jackie made the whole process so easy, John did a lovely job with the ceremony - it was incredibly personal and touching, and Dona was a fantastic photographer. All 3 made us feel like our day was so special and joyful, and we absolutely loved the site of the wedding. Eloping in Napa was so incredibly fun, romantic, and special, and Elope in Wine Country did an amazing job. Would recommend them highly and without hesitation!!!

~ Nicole& Todd


Eloping in wine country was everything I hoped it would be, thanks to Dona and Jackie! As an event planner, I've planned very elaborate events for other people, but for this once, I wanted to be able to just show up and have someone else do all the work. It was perfect! They worked with our colors to create the most lovely bouquet a girl could wish for, the venue right on the lake was beautiful, we got photos in the vineyard to complete that wine country feel and the series of gardens was the absolutely perfect place for photos. I couldn't have planned it any better. And I got the unique, once in a lifetime event - complete with great photos that Dona captured - that I’d always wanted. If you want to be pampered, feel like you are THE most important and most beautiful person in the world, Check these guys out!

~ Brenda & Paul

First off, Dona, John, and Jackie are amazing and we are not necessarily the easiest people to deal with. From a custom cake (from a VERY specific bakery) and our flower choices, to almost being late, and even getting us an “un-gettable” reservation at our favorite place to eat in Napa. Every detail was taken care of by the WONDERFUL team at Elope in Wine Country.

So now to mention specifics:

Jackie not only dealt with us going back and forth on how many guests we were going to have, but helped us itemize our day and get an itinerary done. She took everything we said and translated it into a smooth and wonderful experience. From my crazy phone calls to incessant e-mails, she handled most of the correspondence in not only a timely manner, but with all of the poise in the world. She gave us recommendations for everything and helped us set up the wedding of our dreams. Thank you Jackie for helping us with everything so that the stress levels were as low as any wedding could be!

John was professional, insightful, and made the ceremony itself a very memorable occasion. He also served as a reminder to breathe as he kept instructing me on the big day. His officiating was both lighthearted and romantic as he recounted our story and helped us with our vows. Also, and we are the first to be able to say this, He (and Dona) allowed us to buy 3 bottles of their fabulous Art House label 2010 Pinot Noir. As a Chef/Cook/Culinary student let me just say that this wine is not only delicious for sipping, but it made an incredible addition to a reduction that I made for a steak dish for my wife. Thank you John, you are a cut above what I had hoped for and Art House wine is now a household favorite.

That brings us to Dona. Dona was the first person I spoke to, and when Jackie was out of the office, the one who handled my neurotic questions with grace and patience. It was Dona who was able to get us a reservation at a place that "doesn't accept reservations". She even let us come see the site before our wedding on a few hours notice. Literally I called as we had already started driving, she answered and said I could be there when you can get here. She then was gracious enough to show us around the location, talk to us about the ceremony, and introduce us to John. It was here at this meeting that we discovered the Art House Pinot Noir and after inquiring as to the possibility of purchasing some that she and John arranged for not one or two, but three bottles to be made available for us (one in which we've delighted already, and two we are aging further). But she didn't stop there...the photos. If there was only one thing Dona was good at (which we know isn't the case) it would be to capture the breath taking moments, both big and small, and to find the most random and hidden of photographic gems. The photo album is not only incredible, but intimate as well. Each photograph says more than a thousand word, and Dona was able to capture moments that only a very skilled eye and trigger finger could get. My bride is the most beautiful woman on earth, and Dona was able to translate that into beautiful, tasteful, and elegant images. Dona, from the very deepest of places in my heart, thank you for everything.

We had envisioned an intimate, personal, elegant, and beautiful wedding. Elope in Wine Country promised that, but delivered so much more. If you're looking for something less mainstream, more intimate, and incredibly personal look no further than the team at Elope in Wine Country. They made us feel as though the most important day of our lives, was the most important day of theirs.

~ Tyson & Kaitlind


I found Dona and John through their website and could not be happier that I chose them to do our wedding. The amazing price and all-inclusive nature of the package was a HUGE selling point. But after some research and corresponding, they were extremely responsive to my questions and a few months before the big day their wedding planner, Jackie treated me like royalty. The recommendations for hair and make-up and restaurants were top notch. I absolutely loved the honeymoon suite and property they recommended. I think one day we'll go back to renew vows or something for an excuse to experience it again. I really can’t thank Dona enough and felt like they were more like family.

~ Mandy & Derrick


From the moment I first spoke to Dona, I knew that Elope in Wine Country was the right choice! For those planning a wedding, we know how stressful it can be. Adding a destination venue to the planning can have its challenges. Not to worry, Dona and her team have everything covered. We received recommendations for everything we needed from hair to flowers to hotels for guests. Everything was top notch. Dona stayed in close contact through all of the planning, was always prompt and responsive, and made my wedding feel like the most important day in the world! In fact, through the whole process, we felt as though we we working with family! All of my guests couldn't help but compliment the perfect venue, Dona and her crew, and THE PICTURES! Dona is so talented (as well as her husband)! We ultimately had the picture perfect wedding, with all the bells and whistles we could have asked for. If you are looking for a one of a kind property, with an opportunity for creativity and personal touch, outside the mega hotels, and typical passed chicken plates, feel free to get married in a fairy tale garden at Elope in Wine Country!

~ Sami & Ed


Elope in wine country is an all inclusive service and location run by a lovely couple whom provide a beautiful wedding ceremony, pictures, cake, flowers, and a honeymoon suite in the heart of wine country in Napa, California.

The value of all that they offer is unreal. You will not find a more beautiful venue or more caring people to perform your wedding. Though they don't advertise it, they are both professional photographers who's artistic photography is worth more than the price they charge you for the entire event. Best of all, they really CARE. From the moment we first spoke with them, they made us feel like it was their honor to be part of our special day. From getting information from both of us to personalize our ceremony, to manicuring the lawns one last time before our event, no detail was too small to be carefully attended to. They couldn't have made our day more special.

All of our friends are envious of the ceremony we had - even those who spent more than 10 times what we did!

~ April & Drew

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